The Responsibility of Leadership

As a kid growing up, my dad and other adults were my models for leadership.  There was my dad’s leadership in the home and there was the leadership of the bosses I had at various jobs – back at a time when there were plenty of jobs for teens.  From my perspective, leadership seemed fairly simple – […]

Relationships – Up or Down? (Part 2)

Continued from last week… We have a responsibility to self, our business and those who count on us to clear our lives of those relationships that bring us down. Some relationships are less consequential than others and moving on is less impactful. If the hairdresser we go to tends to have a negative attitude or […]

How’s Your Integrity?

I have noticed this word ‘integrity’ used more and more in business advertising, corporate mission statements and personal profile pages on Facebook. When I say used I mean spoken or written, not necessarily acted out. Now, I’m not about to attack the written use of the word ‘integrity’, but I am going to suggest we […]