The Responsibility of Leadership

As a kid growing up, my dad and other adults were my models for leadership.  There was my dad’s leadership in the home and there was the leadership of the bosses I had at various jobs – back at a time when there were plenty of jobs for teens.  From my perspective, leadership seemed fairly simple – […]

Attitude – Part 1 of 4

People, many people have allowed their attitude to be dictated by the happenings going on outside of their own personal life; it happens to everyone at some point. Attitude sadly is something we let others decide for us. Outside influences are controlling our attitudes and causing many of us to wait for our attitudes to […]

Take Action – Leadership

An important part of success in life and in business is the ability to lead. In order to be able to lead others, we must be willing to lead ourselves into action. No one succeeds in life by following others at all times and there are times we simply must strike a bold new path […]