Reaching the Unreasonable

Start filling your mind with prosperity thinking. Be around the people who teach it, believe it and live it. Share your stories around money with someone who is supportive so that you can start shifting your attitude. It may not be easy at first because you’ve had a lot of years having an attitude of […]

Identifying Your Money Story

When we finally get clean and clear about our relationship with money and get clear that there is enough and that we have the power to bring in all that we need, that’s when we will begin to start having enough money. That’s when we will stop worrying about our account balances. Identifying Your Money […]

Let’s Get Unreasonable

Anthony Robbins first introduced me to the term, “Let’s be unreasonable” on his program “Get the Edge.” His program discussed unreasonable psychology. To me, and many others, unreasonable commonly means out of the norm. It also means what I want and need for it to mean. Most people are reasonable and logical. What is reasonable […]

Dare to Be Bold – Part 3 of 3

There is satisfaction in risk. It is satisfying taking a risk. My first workshop presentation, I invited people I knew. The problem in that is these were people who knew me. People who knew where I came from and what I have struggled with throughout life. These are the people I was asking to come […]

Dare to Be Bold – Part 2 of 3

Whenever I have dared to do something a little nutty, a little crazy it has always paid off. That also includes when I set ridiculous goals, unreasonable goals. When I want to attract something into my life, I have learned to be bold and go for it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Doing […]