The Responsibility of Leadership

As a kid growing up, my dad and other adults were my models for leadership.  There was my dad’s leadership in the home and there was the leadership of the bosses I had at various jobs – back at a time when there were plenty of jobs for teens.  From my perspective, leadership seemed fairly simple – […]

Money, A Subject I Happen To Enjoy

Money is one of those things where we can’t know its comfort until we’ve known, accepted and even embraced its discomfort.  We can’t know joy until we’ve known pain.  For many of us, money has been an incredible source of pain, more so at certain times in our lives. Having experienced that extreme pain and […]

Attitude – Part 4 of 4

If you’re leading others within your life such as your family, peers, staff or students; then you need to question how you can truly lead others if you’re not leading yourself. How can you tell others how great they are, how much they can achieve or how limitless their potential is, if you cannot do […]