Reaching the Unreasonable

Start filling your mind with prosperity thinking. Be around the people who teach it, believe it and live it. Share your stories around money with someone who is supportive so that you can start shifting your attitude. It may not be easy at first because you’ve had a lot of years having an attitude of […]

Making Friends with Money

The transformation around my money attitudes began when I read, Busting Loose From the Money Game, by Robert Scheinfeld. One of his principles that transformed me is that we should only do what we feel inspired to do. This concept shifted every part of how I do business and has for several years. The Power […]

The Rockefellers of the World

  We don’t see things the way they are. We see them the way WE are. –Talmud I like talking about money. I didn’t always like talking about it, though. Money is one of those things, or an energy that comes attached with a message, an attitude, a stigma or a story for each of […]

Money is Energy

In my life, I grew up in a home where we didn’t have a lot of money. We lived in trailer parks or rented houses, sometimes even the house behind the main house. We rarely got new clothes for school. My parents’ career choices, mechanic and waitress, meant that there were high times and low […]

Money, A Subject I Happen To Enjoy

Money is one of those things where we can’t know its comfort until we’ve known, accepted and even embraced its discomfort.  We can’t know joy until we’ve known pain.  For many of us, money has been an incredible source of pain, more so at certain times in our lives. Having experienced that extreme pain and […]