Leading Life Large™

Leading Life Large – Whenever you see or hear me refer to attitude, it’s rarely in reference to the traditional ‘bad attitude’ vs. ‘good attitude’. I’m talking most often about an attitude of success. I speak in front of business leaders and managers or clients I work one-on-one with that often ask for that one key, that one secret, that piece of magic that will make the difference in their leadership of people and their lives. I always revert back to an attitude of success. It has made all the difference in every aspect of my life and it will yours, too. Tune in to learn how powerful and yet simple this will be for you.

Leading Life Large™ is now on You Tube! We will continue to be your weekly opportunity to look closely at your life and ask yourself the question, “Am I living my life full on?” We’ve all got this one shot at life and for most of us, life has meant leaving behind dreams and desires and ambitions that may have in the moment been intended to be temporary, but became a permanent part of life. Life unfulfilled, life without passion and excitement and life without a grand purpose is the result.

Leading Life Large™ will get you back on track. Robb Braun has for years been completely committed to living life on his own terms and has helped countless others get back to the essence of who they are and their purpose for being here on the planet. When you tune in to Leading Life Large™, Robb will remind you again of what’s important to you by shining a light on the areas of your life where you have settled for less and stopped feeling the passion and if you’re willing, guide back to that place of truth and knowing and real purpose in your life. Make Leading Life Large™ your Monday Morning Must!

Below is a library of  Leading Life Large™ installments – simply click on the video of your choice to view  or subscribe to Robb’s YouTube Channel Here.

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