Business Consulting

Robb believes business owners and entrepreneurs should work less, not more. With his certification as a Provendus Group Business Strategist and his experience in both consulting and business ownership, Robb is well versed in strategies that build automatic growth. Your job is to lead; the job of your business is to grow on its own – Robb will show you how.

Robb’s clients often start out overwhelmed and overworked. They are running successful businesses or divisions, but they are also stressed and exhausted, shouldering a significant portion of the work and responsibility themselves. Robb’s expertise in leadership, human development and business operations gives him a unique ability to quickly assess and identify the source of the company’s problem(s). He is unafraid to address the toughest issues within an organization, persisting until the company achieves their desired results. In time, his clients end up empowered and energized, with a team that is committed to moving their business forward.

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate vehicle for creativity, innovation and self-expression.  Robb believes in the entrepreneurial spirit and will do his part to ensure that spirit thrives.

Consulting Packages 

One-Day Group Business Immersion Workshop                        $597

One-Day Personal Business Immersion Strategy Session         $1997

Three-Day Group Business Immersion Workshop                     $4997

One on One Business Coaching – 6 month                               $7500

  • 2-Hour Intake plus 24 Weekly 75-90 Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Complete Business ‘Pumpkin Plan’ – Vision to 4-Week Vacation

One on One Extreme Business Coaching – 6 months                $15,000

  • One-Day Initial On-Site Immersion
  • Second Day with Leadership Team
  • 24 Weekly 75-90 minute Coaching Sessions
  • 4 Emergency Coaching Sessions
  • Complete Business ‘Pumpkin Plan – Vision to 4-Week vacation