About Robb

As Founder and President of The Leadership Source™, Robb brings over 25 years experience as a personal development professional. He’s an experienced leader who has led and developed over 50,000 participants in personal growth and corporate trainings throughout the United States and overseas.

Robb came to nearby San Diego when he joined the Navy in 1980.  After attending schools and training around the country, he made it back to San Diego in 1983 and has called it home since.  Robb was a training specialist in the US Navy and delivered highly technical training to hundreds of personnel during his military years. He later spent many years as a business owner developing and managing personnel and participating in executive leadership trainings and mastery communications courses.

Robb’s involvement in his community includes serving as a spokesperson for the Boys to Men Mentoring Network, Corporate Board President for HOBY California and was named Volunteer of the Year at Oak Grove Center for Education, Treatment and the Arts.

Robb’s very personal life has been filled with incredible experiences and gifts for personal growth and awareness.

He was first married to Paula and they had their son Chace together.  He lost Paula to cancer after 11 years of marriage.  Robb understands the loss of a spouse.

He married and divorced and had a second son, Baily.  Robb understands divorce and raising a son in two different homes.

Robb is now with Linda and they have now been together 11 strong years.  They were married December 2008 on a beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic.  Linda is strong, smart, generous and completely loving. She’s an extraordinary and unconventional woman, which is why they chose each other for this wonderful adventure.  Robb understands the ‘give and receive’ of a truly loving relationship.

Robb’s two boys Chace and Baily both have initials BCB, but he really liked Brandon’s middle name, Chace.

Chace was lost when he was 19 years old. He was shot and killed in southeast San Diego in a drive-by shooting. He would have been 30.  Robb understands the loss of a child.

His youngest son Baily is 14 years old  – a very cool kid and an angel among us all.  Robb understands the importance of being an involved and present father.

With Linda and Baily, Robb currently resides in Temecula, CA.  He will tell you that he lives his life full on every day – his past and present and extraordinary life are his reasons why. Robb understands success in life and business.